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Birth Products

TENS machine hire

TENS machine hire from 37 weeks.

Hire this fantastic TENS machine specifically designed for use in labour.

Easy to use with ZERO side effects for you and your baby.

Collect it from 36 weeks into your pregnancy and keep it for as long as you need. I will collect it from you after baby has arrived.
Birthzang mums have said:

Julie: “It’s only when I took it off did I realise how much it was helping in the early stages.”
Lucrezia:"As soon as I popped my TENS machine on in labour I had instant relief. When my contractions got stronger I upped the strength of the machine and it got me through the whole day. I would definitely recommend it."

Helping Birth: Your guide to pain relief choices and interventions in labour & childbirth with real stories

An indispensable guide for parents looking for reliable information about birth pain relief options and common interventions in labour.

Do you feel overwhelmed by what pain relief options are available for labour?
Are you confused by the effects drugs will have on you and your baby?
Do you want reliable information about what happens during birth interventions?

Most pregnant mums plan for a natural birth, however in the UK over 50% of births include some form of drugs for pain relief, or an intervention to help the baby be born (and in the US this figure is even higher).

This book will enable you make empowered and informed decisions in your late pregnancy, and before, during and after childbirth.

It has been carefully researched to include the most up-to-date pain relief options, like gas & air, pethidine and epidural, and details common interventions carried out, such as induction of labour, assisted delivery (forceps or ventouse) and caesarean birth.

The easy-to-understand descriptions and diagrams of the different stages of labour will help you recognise what is happening in your body.

This gives you a framework to understand the context in which pain relief is offered, and at what stage interventions could occur.

Each chapter is crafted around the BRAIN acronym (Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Implications, Nothing) so that you can understand fully the pros and cons of every type of medical pain relief available, and what you can do to minimise complications.

There are also 35 real birth stories from mums who have experienced pain relief and interventions to help you get a real idea about what it is like to have a medical birth.

Eleanor Hayes has worked with hundreds of pregnant mums and their birth partners through her business Birthzang, offering antenatal Active Birth preparation workshops, and prenatal yoga classes.

She has experienced two births, both of which included various levels of pain relief and interventions, and is passionate to share her insight and research to help you make the best choices for your labour and birth.

After reading this book, you and your birth partner will have a deep understanding of all the choices available to you, so that you can enter your labour and birthing journey feeling confident and able to understand what is going on in labour.

Crush your fear of labour and birth, and ensure your birth is a positive and empowered one!

Written in an informative, readable style, this book is fully referenced, with a detailed index so it can be used as a handy reference guide to look up information during labour.

An essential item to include in your hospital bag packing list!


Birth Coaching Package

10 x 60-minute sessions over 3 months
Unlimited access to me via messenger or sms
Access to VIP Facebook group
30% discount voucher for Birth Workshop
Bespoke guided relaxation MP3 (15 minutes)
Audio recording of all sessions

Birth Trauma Release

2-3 sessions to help release fear, anxiety and unhelpful feelings from past events or memories.

Single Coaching Session

Single coaching session 60 minutes

Yoga Class

Any single yoga class

Single drop-in yoga class. Can be used for any yoga class. Book online up to the class start time.

Any yoga class - 5 class pass

5 class pass valid for 3 months can be used at any yoga class.

You can book a class up to the start time of a class. You can cancel a class up to 2 hours before the class start time.

Any yoga class - 10 class pass

10 class pass valid for 6 months can be used in any yoga class.

You can book a class up to the start time of a class. You can cancel a class up to 2 hours before the class start time.